Sunday, June 5, 2011

farm stand opening! Monday June 6!

That's right!  Blue House Greenhouse Farm is opening a farm stand on Monday afternoons from 3-6pm.  Beginning this Monday, June 6th! Come by and check out what's for sale.  This week there will be a variety of fresh delicious veggies- salad greens, kale, cilantro and lots of asian greens! You can just come and  say hi!

In other news (there is a lot of other news), the farm has a logo!  Many many thanks to the lovely Clare Price, a fabulous artist and friend, for creating this logo.

The walking group from NARA came to the farm this past week before their "greens and beans" cooking demonstration and harvested some greens!

My mom was in town this past week and helped out a ton at the farm.  You can see her weeding (and hiding from the camera) by the peas.  Thanks mom!

While she was in town we also went to DOC, one of the restaurants to whom I sell my produce.  It was incredible!  ridiculously delicious.  Here are my salad greens with strawberries and goat cheese!

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  1. lovely design! when will you start selling t-shirts?? your fan club awaits...