Sunday, June 19, 2011

beginning of summer update

Ah, the beginnings of summer... one day it's 75 and sunny, the next is 60 and raining.  No complaints here, the farm and I are loving it! So what's going on at Blue House Greenhouse Farm? A LOT. More planting, more weeding, more harvesting, more watering, more of everything! Here are a few snap shots of the past couple weeks.

The farm stand has been open for two weeks!  Pictured on the left is Kevin along with the first week's bounty. The farm stand is open Mondays from 3-6 pm, come and see what's available! This week we will have salad greens, turnips, Asian greens, chard, and more.

On the right, Kimi is double washing the salad greens- not only is the produce delicious, it's clean!

On the left is an extreme close up of the farm.  Pictured are lady bug eggs.  Normally they are found on the top or underside of leaves, but here the eggs were laid on a twig in the soil.  Also pictured is my finger for scale. pretty neat.

We've been harvesting a ton of radishes and  we don't sell the ones that are split or a little less than perfect.  What to do with all those radishes?  Radish Kimchi (pictured right)! We used a recipe from Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz.  We also made french radish pickles- using a recipe from a friend- and sweet radish pickles with rhubarb. yum.

More random updates to come! stay tuned.

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