Thursday, July 28, 2011

boise eliot village square

Douglas (first customer) and me.  photo by fabulous
volunteer, Rowan Wren!
The Boise Eliot Village Square is a neighborhood market where you can find anything from beautiful hand made bags, BBQ, delicious sweet potato ice cream, an Iraqi food cart, to veggies from Blue House Greenhouse Farm!  Last week was our first time selling produce at this market.  Although it was slow, it was great meeting more folks from the neighborhood and enjoying the sunshine. We did have some great customers!  Some new and some returning from the farm stand.  Douglas (pictured above) was our first customer at the market, which is funny, because he was also the first customer at the farm stand when it opened!  imagine that.  Thanks to Douglas and all those who keep coming back and supporting Blue House Greenhouse Farm!

all packed up and heading back to the farm!
Please come Friday (tomorrow!) to the Boise Eliot Village Square. We will be there from 2-6 pm or so. It is located on the SE corner of N Williams (just two blocks from the farm).  

You can expect to see:
sugar snap peas
and more!

And please tell your friends!! And if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

new market this Friday!

Blue House Greenhouse Farm will be at the Boise Eliot Village Square beginning this Friday! The Village Square is open Friday-Sunday for the rest of the summer (Blue House Greenhouse will just be there on Fridays). The market is on the SE corner of N Williams and Fremont and from 2-8 pm. We should be there until 6:30 or so.  Please stop by and see us! We will have salad greens, chard, collards, carrots, broccoli, onions, and more!

Mollie, a happy customer
See for yourself how our veggies  make people happy!

In other news- the garlic harvest! Yesterday I dug up two of the three varieties of garlic- Kettle River Giant (which is true to its name) and Chesnok Red. See below for pictures and details. 

digging up some of the 800 or so heads of garlic

Because there isn't a cool dry place to cure the garlic at the farm,
I stuffed our little car full of garlic and brought it all home! Here I am
(with Seymour the cat) prepping the garlic to be hung to cure.

Jeff with one of many bamboo poles to be hung in our covered porch.
 After two weeks , we will cut the stalks and further clean the garlic
and then it will be ready for sale! Get ready!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

big changes!

That's right folks big changes are coming to Blue House Greenhouse Farm.
Monday, July 11 3-6pm will be the last farm stand on site.

But fear not. We will be selling at the Boise-Eliot Village Square on Fridays!  The Boise Eliot Village Square is about local people and local products- not just food, all sorts of goods that are locally made!  It is located on the corner of N Williams and Fremont (just two tiny blocks away from the farm).  The market opens Friday, July 15 and will be open Friday and Saturday from 2-8 pm and Sunday from 12-6 pm.

However, Blue House Greenhouse Farm will be at the Boise Eliot Village Square beginning Friday, July 22 from 2 pm till 6:30ish. Please stop by, check out the market, and see us!

Friday, July 1, 2011

farm stand TUESDAY july 5!

David, happy farm stand customer
The farm stand (that normally happens on Mondays) will be open TUESDAY JULY 5, 3-6 pm because I've been told that buying vegetables isn't something that people normally do to celebrate our country's independence :)

When you come to the farm stand on Tuesday, here's what you can expect to see!

sugar snap peas
snow peas
salad greens

What else is happening?   Pictured left is Kevin pounding fence posts to trellis tomatoes.  Once the posts were in, we wove twine between the posts to hold up the tomatoes. They are looking good!

We continue to be busy harvesting, weeding, and planting.  We're always looking for volunteers, if you've been thinking about stopping by please do!