Sunday, April 29, 2012

farm stand opening Tuesday May 8th!!

The long awaited 
farm stand will be reopening TUESDAY MAY 8th! 

Come by between 
4-7 pm 
and see what's growing! 

There will be radishes, salad greens, kale, mustard mix, salad turnips, spinach, and a variety of starts-kale, 
collards, lettuce, onions, AND tomatoes! If you are looking for starts before that time- contact me. Let your friends know and hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

starts for sale!

That's right! Starts are for sale.  They are small, but hardy plants- perfect to transplant in your garden now! Kale: Lacinato, Red Russian, and Rainbow Lacinato, Flash Collards, and Lettuces: All Star Mix and Wild Garden Mix.  How can you get these starts?  Come by the farm today (Wednesday) 9:30-5, Friday 9:30-4, and next week Tuesday 9-5, Wednesday, and Friday (same times). Or just contact me and we can figure something out!

Lacinato kale

Red Russian kale

Wild Garden Lettuce Mix

All Star Lettuce Mix