Thursday, July 28, 2011

boise eliot village square

Douglas (first customer) and me.  photo by fabulous
volunteer, Rowan Wren!
The Boise Eliot Village Square is a neighborhood market where you can find anything from beautiful hand made bags, BBQ, delicious sweet potato ice cream, an Iraqi food cart, to veggies from Blue House Greenhouse Farm!  Last week was our first time selling produce at this market.  Although it was slow, it was great meeting more folks from the neighborhood and enjoying the sunshine. We did have some great customers!  Some new and some returning from the farm stand.  Douglas (pictured above) was our first customer at the market, which is funny, because he was also the first customer at the farm stand when it opened!  imagine that.  Thanks to Douglas and all those who keep coming back and supporting Blue House Greenhouse Farm!

all packed up and heading back to the farm!
Please come Friday (tomorrow!) to the Boise Eliot Village Square. We will be there from 2-6 pm or so. It is located on the SE corner of N Williams (just two blocks from the farm).  

You can expect to see:
sugar snap peas
and more!

And please tell your friends!! And if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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  1. damn, girl! that's a lot of stuff you're hauling around on your bike! more impressive every day...