Monday, March 7, 2011


That's right! The sun was out today. It was magnificent. I actually think I may have gotten a little sunburned.  I know that my pictures don't really convey the sunniness, but it was- most of the day!  

We actually got to prepare another bed.  It has been pretty dry the past couple days, but the soil was still a bit wet.   I did some reading on working in moist soils and trusty Steve Soloman, in Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades gave some words of wisdom on the subject as he does on many things.  We pulled out the "cover crop" which was supposed to have been fava beans but has ended up being mostly grass and lightly raked in soils amendments leaving all but the top inch of soil undisturbed.  As I've learned, digging in wet soils can really damage the structure of the soil.

What else is happening? The plant starts are making their way from our home to the greenhouse and now there are places to put them with these lovely tables that Jeff and his sister, Cara, built!  

A variety of brassicas (broccoli pictured on left) and onions are off to a good start!

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