Monday, February 28, 2011

a rainy day

As some of you know I am one of those people my age that every few years moves someplace new (I am hoping this is changing), not out of restlessness, just happenstance.  I moved just over a year ago from Tucson, AZ which has challenges for a person trying to grow food but also some benefits.  An obvious benefit of Tucson is ample sun. Less obvious but akin to sun is the ability to dig into your soil to prepare beds for planting most anytime. I now live in the northwest. I'm trying (but failing) not to sound cliche as I complain. It's cold and it's raining. And for the sake of the soil, I can't go out digging in this weather.  Maybe I am too anxious to get going this season.  Maybe living in this climate is teaching me patience. And giving me an appreciation for water.


  1. I miss you and so does tucson. I am glad you are learning patience and appreciation of water!

  2. The rain has been atypically strong these last couple days, but FEAR NOT! There will be a couple dry days soon and the soil will be soft and digable and those beds will get built!