Tuesday, January 28, 2014

new year, new beginnings

I think every first blog post of the year I muse about the wonder of beginnings. Starting anew. So to keep with tradition and not start something new: I love beginnings! I love how each year we begin again. Of course I understand that years accumulate and times moves on, but there's a certain beauty to returning back to January, opening a new excel workbook to begin crop planning, perusing the new catalogs, making outlandish to-do lists with every intention of getting it all done. All that hope and promise, I just love it! That's just what I've been doing: ordering seeds, planning new projects, cleaning, organizing, getting ready!

There are a couple of events that I want to share with you:

Last year's February work party. Can't make
any promises, but notice the T-shirt being worn!

Blue House Greenhouse Farm Work Party! Saturday, February 15! 9 am-4 pm.  We'll be building things, planting, moving soil around, painting, chit-chatting, staying warm, and lunch will be provided!! You can come for an hour or 7-it's up to you, just let me know if you can make it. It will be super fun.

and inline with my love for the new year,

Consciously Setting Intentions for the New Year with One House of Peace
Sunday February 1st 10 am-5pm
Blue House Greenhouse Farm will be providing a delicious vegetarian lunch for this workshop!
Here is a description from the website:
"Are you hoping to avoid the trap of setting New Year’s goals that will end up forgotten by March? Perhaps you’ve decided to side-step the problem by not setting goals at all? Join us as we reveal how we habitually set goals from a belief that we need to be improved. We don’t – if self-improvement as a practice worked, it would have worked by now. Join us as we transcend this assumption and learn to set intention from a place of consciousness, balance, and compassion. In this workshop we will spend time honoring what we've created in the past, letting go and wiping the slate clean."  To sign-up and more information go to: http://onehouseofpeace.org/events/consciously-setting-intention-new-year-5

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