Sunday, December 8, 2013

what a year it's been.

Winter is here. No doubt about it.

I wish I was better about taking pictures. Then you all could have seen the snow blanketing the farm this past Friday morning. What a sight! We've had some unusually cold temperatures as has much of the west. If you are interested in a detailed account of the weather events in the Pacific Northwest then look no further then the Fox 12 Weather blog.

The crops at the farm are nice and frozen. I won't be able to harvest anymore this year. I do believe that a lot of the crops that are in the ground will pull through and begin to grow again early next year. That's the hope-and that's the best I can do for now.

It's been an incredible season. How lucky I feel.

First of all the biggest and best news is that Devin is going to be a dad-again! He and his partner, Carrie have a little one on the way. This is exciting news because all of you who have met Abi, their daughter, know that they make great kids. So be sure to congratulate Devin, Carrie, and Abi next time you see them! The sad part of this news is that Devin won't be able to continue with the farm next season. Although I know Devin loved working at the farm, we know that it isn't the most lucrative of professions nor the most easy on one's body. With a baby on the way, he has to save his time, money, and body for the work ahead.

I just want to spend a moment in appreciation for Devin (I'm sorry, Devin, if it sounds like a eulogy, I know you are very much alive). Devin has been awesome to work with. From the start he was super motivated to take on the farm as a partner. He motivated us to look at what our urban farmer friends are doing, what materials could we build to assist our work, what varieties could we grow to increase our diversity, what other kind of delicious pickles could he make. His love for growing things has always been so clear and evident. Mostly Devin is a pleasure to be around. I think anyone who has met Devin can agree that he is just such an incredible person. He's super kind, thoughtful and so funny. Like the time when a woman at the farm stand said that she wasn't a big pickle fan. Devin responds by saying,"well, luckily we have small pickles!" Too funny. Anyway, I will miss working with him. I know that I will still see him a lot, but I will miss the day to day. Thanks Devin, for all time, labor and heart you've put in the farm. You're the best.

If folks are wondering what the farm will do next year, I am still trying to sort that out but check back in January for what's coming next! In other news, I received a copy of the latest magazine that featured the farm. "Elle la Table." A Japanese foodie magazine!

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