Monday, February 9, 2015

farming season has begun!

Work Party!
And here we are again. The beginning of another season at Blue House Greenhouse Farm. I don't think many people (including myself) thought we would be able to keep going at our location as buildings go up and down all around us, but here we are! And we are excited to be here for another year.

What's new this year? Well I am excited to say that there will be a few more folks helping out! I will be partnering with Adam Marx, Gentiana Loeffler, and Christopher Himes. I've learned that it is so much better to spread the work and learn from more brain power. Welcome aboard you three!

The greenhouse fixed and seeds started.
What else? This past Saturday we had our first work party of the season! I am really impressed by the dedication of our volunteers. The forecast was ugly. However the 15 people that attended were rewarded with sun! And a bunch of hard labor. And lunch. I think it was worth it! The lunch itself was worth it. Amy made a salmon quiche and Eileen made focaccia. Adam and Julie made chocolate chip cookies, Gentiana made spicy sweet potatoes, I made a veggie chili, and we had salad greens from the farm.Yum. I am just trying to entice you all to come to the next work party. So the weather and the food were great, and we got so much done! We fixed the greenhouse that was damaged by the wind back in December, cleared a ton of blackberries, made potting soil, started seeds, turned compost, spread wood chips, and things I don't even remember. Thank you to all the folks that came out to help! Stay tuned for more info regarding upcoming work parties and farm related fun. I promise to update more regularly then once every six months.

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