Monday, August 26, 2013

it's been too long...

So, it's been a little while since our last post. I know, you all must be wondering what's been happening! I've also been wondering-it all has been going by so quickly, I'm not totally sure what's happened.

This is why we write (or assemble photos), I guess, to reflect and to remember.

The farm stand has been going super well. (EVERY TUESDAY 4-7 PM)! We've really been having a lot of fun getting to see our regulars and getting to know the newcomers!

This time of year has our greatest bounty. We have lots of summer crops and our fall crops are beginning to come on. We had a beautiful garlic and potato harvest. Our tomatoes and cucumbers are crazy prolific. Devin has been making these delicious pickles from our harmonie cucumbers. They are pretty perfect pickles (try saying that fast).

Blue House Greenhouse Farm had it's first farm to table dinner! Kusuma Rao of Ruchikala had 17 guests and made a crazy good Indian-Mexican fusion meal from our produce. We set up tables and chairs around the farm. It wasn't even too loud with traffic because it was Sunday! I think another meal is in the works. I'll be sure to post the next date. Here are some photos from that beautiful day.

the menu

Kumi, plating dishes while eaters await


diners on the farm


 What else has been happening on the farm? For a short while we had goats! Devin has a friend that owns goats who were hungry for fresh greens and we had a blackberry/morning glory/alianthus patch that was out of control. At our last work day, volunteers built a fence and then the goats came and ate. And ate and ate. After a week, they had done such a good job that we tried to move the fence to give them access to more plants to eat. We also happened to give them a way out of the fence. The following day while Devin and I were at our other jobs the goats escaped! Meaning, they were eating grass in the adjoining field. Luckily, our neighbors at the Red Cross and Pizza A Go-Go were around and very sweetly took the time to corral the goats and lead them around the farm, back into their pen. I love our neighborhood. The goats left shortly after for greener (larger) pastures. It was really fun while it lasted!


In other news we are going to have a farm harvest party Sunday, October 6th! All are welcome to attend. We will post details soon. Come check out the farm in the mean time! Come to the farm stand! See you soon.

we are excited to see you!

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