Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a cart and starts and so much more!

First of all, I know... it's been a while! Not writing is a sign that a lot has been happening-so that is good. Let's get to the important information:


-lacinato, rainbow lacinato, and red russian kale
-flash collards
-all star lettuce mix
-flat leaf italian parsley

contact me if you are interested in getting some for your garden!

We have a beautiful new addition to our farm. It doesn't have a name yet, but it should. 
Behold, our cart

It was built by one of our incredible subscribers, Clay Dennis, in trade for vegetables! Lucky us. It's a wonder. We can carry all sorts of weight and it's the correct width and height to fit over our rows. A huge thanks to Clay- I'm not sure how we lived without it!
What else? Another work party? why,YES! 

This Sunday, April 7 9am-4pm (you can come for whatever part of that works for you, but if you could let us know when you are planning on coming then we can plan accordingly)!

We are working on expanding the farm! With your help, we will take out grass to create a whole new growing area. We will also be building a picnic table, spreading wood chips, and so much more. 

Bring water, gloves, clothes you don't mind getting dirty, and a shovel if you have one.

Lunch will be provided (something delicious), so... are you coming?

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