Friday, July 20, 2012

summer time

It's been a long time since there has been an update from Blue House Greenhouse Farm. I know how you must have waited! It's been a busy time for the farm and us personally, hence the hiatus from the blog. 

The farm is doing well- summer is here!  We've been harvesting garlic- Kettle River Giant, Chesnok red, and Asian tempest- and they look and smell delicious! They are now hanging under a tent for protection from the sun and rain, awaiting cleaning in a couple weeks. 

Summer crops are coming along nicely. Looks like we will have french filet and dragon tongue snap beans at the farm stand this Tuesday! This is a nice time when the sugar snap peas are on their second flush, so you can find both peas and beans, the remnants of spring and the beginnings of summer, on the same table. Come see for yourself! The farm stand is on TUESDAYS 4-7pm right at the farm!
See the photos below for more tastes of what's to come this summer! 

jaune flamme tomatoes!

sweet italian peppers

verdolagas (purslane)! my little homage to Tucson. I did have
 a family come to the farm stand last week from Guanajuato
who were totally psyched that I had them! made my day.

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  1. I must say welcome back because it's really too long to see you. Anyways the snaps of french fillet and dragon tongue beans are really looking good and impressive. Keep working hard on the summer plants and updating your greenhouse blog.