Sunday, February 19, 2012

new beginnings

Jeff, planting peas
There are beginnings of all sorts happening at Blue House Greenhouse Farm. Jeff and I planted peas on a  showery mid-February day. Super Sugar Snap from Territorial Seed- delicious.  In the spirit of optimism for a warmer spring than of the past couple years, we also planted- pink beauty radishes, hakurei turnips, arugula, mustards, and a variety of asian greens. We covered the planted rows with agribon, a light-weight, permeable row cover, to insulate the seeds a bit.  We also started seeds in our greenhouse- and they began to germinate last week! We started lettuces and brassicas, both of which are coming up well.  The onions have yet to make an appearance, but that was anticipated as they are normally slower to germinate.

rocky top lettuces beginning to make their way in the world
Another beginning for the farm (as well as for myself), I began working at Concentrates, a farm and feed store! I expect that this job will be a great complement to the farm. I've already been learning a ton that I am interested in applying to the Blue House Greenhouse!  Come check us out!

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