Wednesday, November 30, 2011

last day of november and... wait, what's that? sun!

Although weather forecasters are often a bit off on their predictions, I am thrilled to see that our five day forecast looks like this: 

a thing of beauty.

What's been happening at Blue House Greenhouse Farm?  We've been transitioning to winter farming!  Which means long-johns, raincoats, numb fingers, and mud- lots of mud.  All the clover and fava cover crop that was planted has come up and the garlic is just beginning to peek up through the soil.  We are still harvesting roots and greens for the farm subscribers- what is that you may ask? let me direct you to this page to find out more info!  And we've set up cloches to (hopefully) help some plants keep growing through most of the winter.  

And I'm really looking forward to getting the chance to look back on this past year and look toward the coming one.  I've been asked a lot what I would do differently and I am excited for the opportunity to figure that out!  

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