Friday, April 8, 2011

seedlings for sale!

 That's right folks! If you are looking to get some seedlings for your garden, Blue House Greenhouse has some for sale TOMORROW!!  We will be at the farm between 10am-1pm if you can come by for a visit.  We have Cascadian snap peas, Rocky Top lettuce mix, and a variety of broccoli and kale.

We will continue to sell seedlings this spring if you can't come by tomorrow.

These photos are the lovely new additions to the farm that Jeff has made.  Above are three hardy kiwis along the north fence. The photo to the right is the NE corner of the lot- from left to right- artichoke, bay, sage, and persimmon!  I'll post more pictures when it fills out this summer.


  1. ...well...i just finished experiencing a delightful sense of well-nourished pleasure...

    ...i stopped by the stand on my way home from work...i picked up some spinach, an "asian greens" mix, and some absolutely delightful sweet peas..., the asian greens went first...mustard hints accenting a delicious!

    ...then, the spinach...this variety has a robust, nutty finish...yummmmmm!!!!

    ...desert...sweet peas...perfectly formed, botanically fascinating, and absolutely scrumptious!

    ...every bite was 'peak'fresh, AMAZING flavorful...and quintessentially local...if you haven't sampled these treats...well...what ARE you waiting for?