Tuesday, October 26, 2010

celebrate! the beginning of the farm

On October 8th, I signed a contract to be able to use a third of an acre vacant lot on N Williams in Portland, OR. After months of searching and waiting - it happened! We are starting an urban farm!

the land- facing the south east corner

Minutes after meeting with the landowner and her mother (who owns the Tropicana Restaurant and is really sweet), I got on the phone with a guy to bring over a load of compost first thing the next morning.

compost, waiting for a way to get in the soil

 After receiving the compost (and waiting out a bit of rain) Jeff and I began  planning the layout of the farm and clearing some overgrown vines on the west side of the property to make room for the shed.

Jeff clearing vines

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  1. This rocks! Congrats to you and all involved....Great pictures and I bet Beth and Bob had such fun( what a wonderful blue color!)
    I am very proud!